Swedish Potato Sausage

Swedish Potato Sausage Made Easy

November 13th, 2012 | Recipe by: Mary Wistrom- Seckner

Swedish Potato Sausage Made Easy
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2 Bags of Simply Potatoes Hash Browns
1 bag of chopped onions (frozen)
2 lbs of lean ground pork
2 lbs of lean ground beef
2 T fresh ground peppercorns
2 T fresh ground allspice

We use an electric coffee grinder to grind the spices
You will need at least 15 feet of casings
Stuff into the casings and we tie knots at the ends of the sausage. We bake in the oven in a covered dish with the sausages covered in water for about an hour at 350. My Grandma Wickstrom always said that the pile of potatoes and onions should be the same size as the pile of meat. I let everyone salt their own sausage when served.

One thought on “Swedish Potato Sausage Made Easy

  1. Well, I’ve been buying Korv for many years! started my own family tradition of my Swedish pancakes with lots of spices and Swedish sausage for Christmas. the only recipe Grandma Olsen passed to us meatballs (the best)!
    So last year my son gave me a meat/stuffer grinder to make my own sausage. I think I will start another tradition of inviting him over this year when I make my first batch, as he will inherit the grinder when I depart this life for another! Our two grandchildren will see this and will have to continue the tradition! So the curse is now three generation down the road! What a way to be remembered! Family traditions are great!

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